Rates/Costs for Lens Replacement Surgery

For those who are shopping around and comparing costs for cataract surgery (a.k.a lens replacement surgery), or who do not have adequate insurance, or who don't want to use their medical insurance, these are our costs for cash-pay procedures, which are valid as of April 3, 2023. To reiterate: no insurance required; we won't even ask. We believe these to be the lowest rates in Southwest Idaho, and if you get quoted a lower price, please let us know immediately.

Standard/Traditional $1500/eye

A modern surgical procedure with the understanding glasses will be needed to see clearly for driving and/or reading. 

Astigmatism is the #1 reason people require prescription glasses. Most people have some astigmatism. If you've worn prescription glasses for a long time, chances are you have greater than average amounts of astigmatism. This traditional approach ignores the shape of your eye and removes the cataract, replacing it with a clear lens. To achieve your best vision, you may still require prescription glasses for near and far, depending on your level of astigmatism.


    Distance Package (Astigmatism Correction)                    $2000/eye

A modern surgical procedure targeting excellent distance vision without glasses, with the understanding that glasses will be needed for reading.


Distance and Near Package                                               $3500/eye

Minimal reliance on glasses. Trifocal/panoptix lenses provide near vision 14 inches from your nose combined with both distance and intermediate vision. Glasses may be required for fine print or dimly lit settings, or fine detailed work like threading needles, pulling out slivers, or tying flies.

Please Note: The above prices cover the costs of pre-operative testing and counseling, as well as all post-operative care for 2 years following the surgery.

Explanation: Cataracts cause the vision to blur and turn yellow (panel on left). The distance package (middle panel) would give you the ability to drive and watch TV without glasses, but you'd require them for laptops and cellphones. Panoptix/Trifocal Lenses (panel on right) give you 3 focal points: distance, intermediate (dashboard/laptop) and near (menus, cellphones, etc. 14 inches from your nose)