What is Office-Based Surgery?

Office-Based Cataract Surgery is the Future

As you will read below, there are numerous advantages to the Office-Based Surgery (OBS) approach. It is cost-effective, safe, and convenient to both the surgical staff and patients.

OBS is Safe

We utilize the same sterilization equipment and methods as any other surgery center in town. In repeated studies, OBS has been proven to be just as safe and effective as ambulatory surgery centers or hospital-based approaches.

OBS is Efficient and Cost-Effective

We simultaneously offer the latest, greatest technology AND the cheapest cash-pay option in town. Traditional cataract surgery has 3 substantial fees charged to the patient and/or their insurance company: 1) the surgeon/professional fee 2) the facility fee 3) anesthesia fee. Because we are office-based and we utilize oral sedation, the costs of #2 and 3 are dramatically less than any other alternative in town.

OBS is Convenient and Easy

This is a one-stop shop. Many of our patients travel from far away. We now possess our own consignment of lenses. This allows us the ability to see the patient, measure their eyes and perform refractive cataract surgery all in the same day! The convenience of this approach is simply remarkable!

OBS is a no-brainer

Because we utilize oral sedation (as opposed to IV sedation) there is no need to fast ahead of time, and there is no need for our surgery center to coordinate with a separate anesthesia service. We have now - and will seek to always have - the easiest and most stream-lined approach to surgery referrals. We can get patients seen and taken care of much quicker than any other cataract surgeons in town.